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Uric acid has exceeded the limit, don’t you know? See if you have these four situations before going to bed!

Uric acid has exceeded the limit, don’t you know? See if you have these four situations before going to bed!

When it comes to “high uric acid”, do you have these keywords in your mind: male, often drinks alcohol, loves to eat seafood, 50+.
However, according to the 2021 White Paper on High Uric Acid and Gout Trends in China, gout is gradually becoming younger. The overall prevalence of hyperuricemia in China is 13.3%, with nearly 60% being among young people aged 18-35. Therefore, gout in young people is not as far away as you imagine.
Besides pain, what other tricks can high uric acid play?
The most direct symptom of “high uric acid” is that it can make people go crazy in pain – “gout” uric acid is a metabolite of purine that is excreted from the body with urine. Under normal circumstances, the production and excretion of uric acid are in a balanced state to maintain normal uric acid content in the body. When the uric acid content exceeds the discharge load, it will enter the bloodstream. Once the blood uric acid concentration is too high (male does not exceed 420) μ Mol/L can deposit in multiple body tissues, causing joint pain, gout, etc. In addition, long-term high uric acid can also damage the kidneys, cardiovascular system, and metabolic system, and even cause erectile dysfunction in men
The four signs before bedtime may be high uric acid levels
Dried and thirsty before bedtime: If you always feel thirsty before bedtime and drinking water does not significantly alleviate it, be careful not to be targeted by “high uric acid”. This is because when excessive uric acid deposits in the kidneys, the kidneys want to metabolize uric acid and send a thirst signal to our nerves to replenish water in the body
Abnormal urination before sleep: people with high uric acid may have “dark brown” urine color before sleep, sometimes accompanied by odor. If too many uric acid crystals accumulate in the body, it will block and damage the kidney, resulting in oliguria or anuria, and foam urine phenomenon
Body edema: The kidneys are important organs for urine generation and excretion. Excessive uric acid can inhibit renal excretion function, leading to water accumulation and edema symptoms in the body. If there is obvious edema in the eyelids and limbs after waking up, it may be a manifestation of renal function damage
Joint pain: Nighttime is generally a high incidence period of joint pain, as reduced lower limb activity and lower temperature are conducive to uric acid deposition, causing joint pain
Prevent “high uric acid” in daily life
Men have higher levels of androgens, so high uric acid is more favored by men. However, many cases of high uric acid are caused by postnatal factors, and the first priority is to control diet. Try not to drink alcoholic beverages that contain fructose as much as possible. It is also important to control weight and exercise moderately in daily life. Aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, and swimming are all good options.
Some friends who have already elevated uric acid suggest drinking 2000-3000ml of water (approximately 4-6 bottles of mineral water) every day. Increasing the amount of water intake appropriately can help promote uric acid excretion and reduce uric acid levels. Come on! Friends! Say goodbye to “high uric acid”!

Uric acid has exceeded the limit, don't you know? See if you have these four situations before going to bed!

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Post time: Feb-18-2024